The U.S. healthcare industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, making the search for more medical providers and staff rise up as well. This increased demand for healthcare professionals is projected to grow to 13% from 2021 to 2031, so things are surely looking up for the industry. In fact, about 2 million new healthcare-related jobs will open up in the next decade.

As the promising healthcare industry continues to grow, finding the best-quality candidates for your healthcare firm should be top priority. However, since this surge in jobs is still slowly reigniting especially after the pandemic, finding new healthcare professionals to round out your staff may start at a bit of a curve.

That’s where outsourcing can come in handy. By outsourcing in particular medical staffing, a team of professionals can help you find qualified healthcare practitioners and match them to your facility — taking care of their schedules and even onboarding. Doing so will help you find quality candidates faster. All of which will possess great characteristics such as these, and can surely help your healthcare firm in the long run:

Technical Knowledge and Expertise

When it comes to the topic of hiring healthcare professionals, of course, medical knowledge and expertise are non-negotiable. A provider should be able to meet the knowledge, education, and experience requirements needed in order to provide proper care to patients.

This is why it’s essential to partner with providers who have proven experience in handling medical accounts. They can handle the recruitment side of things to ensure that each added team member possesses the right skills and knowledge. They’ll also handle training to ensure that your teams are well-equipped and are continuously up-to-date with the latest medical processes. Finally, they can take care of operations oversight to make sure that your staff performs at their best daily.


Empathy and compassion are qualities that are difficult to gauge, but are important ones healthcare professionals should have. Whether they are a doctor, nurse, or clerical staff, patients wish to be tended to by caring and understanding human beings.

That being said, 87% of Americans prefer to be treated by more compassionate healthcare providers. In fact, 90% would switch to kinder healthcare providers if they experience any less. Filipinos are especially known for being able to provide holistic care without lacking empathy toward patients and fellow staff.

By outsourcing medical staffing, a team can properly interview and screen candidates to see whether they are a match for your firm’s culture.

Communication Skills

In a healthcare setting, clear and effective communication is crucial. Doctors, nurses, and staff must be able to communicate with patients and each other. Unfortunately, 80% of adverse events are caused by inadequate handovers as a result of communication breakdowns, resulting in wrong procedures, medication errors, treatment delays and falls.

With a medical staffing team on board, you can be sure that your practice is made up of providers that communicate clearly, minimizing any errors on part of your medical practice. This is all thanks to thorough screening and provider matching.

Flexibility and Attention to Detail

Being a dynamic industry, healthcare professionals should be flexible and adaptable. With constant changing of procedural codes and standard health regulations, they must be able to confidently take the changes in and adopt them. 70% of stakeholders agree that facilities must be more flexible, allowing organizations to respond efficiently to emergent needs.

Moreover, when it comes to administering patient care, attention to detail is one characteristic that should be present in all providers. Healthcare professionals should be able to pay close attention to the condition of their patients in order to deliver optimal care, whether that’s during check-ups or more substantial procedures.

In conclusion

When looking for the best candidates for your healthcare staff, focus on these qualities so you can better identify the best candidates to complete your healthcare team — ultimately enabling your practice to provide top care to your patients.

Instead of using up resources to look for them yourself, however, you can outsource a medical staffing team to help you with that. FGC+ allows you to outsource a team of offshore medical staffing representatives, so they can source and match the best candidates for your healthcare practice. Learn more through our website at