Small businesses (SMBs) play a vital role in the economy, creating a backbone that contributes to steady job creation and growth. Did you know, about 46.4% of U.S. employees are employed by a small business. However, small businesses face significant challenges in scaling and sustaining growth, mostly due to limited staff resources.  SMBs can overcome these challenges and maximize business growth with outsourcing!

In today’s highly competitive business scene, small businesses can unlock their potential by embracing the power of outsourcing. Outsourcing specific tasks or services can be a game-changing strategy, as it can optimize performance, tap into unique advantages, and allow businesses to participate in a competitive marketplace. Let’s explore the ways small businesses can maximize their performance through outsourcing:

1. Define Goals and Delegate Tasks

65% of businesses outsource in order to focus on core functions. By outsourcing, small businesses can set clear objectives and establish deadlines — all without tedious  processes detracting the prioritization of your core competencies. Outsourcing allows you to delegate these time-consuming and often repetitive tasks to your outsourcing partners, so you can stay focused on the most critical aspects of your job and ultimately, direct your energy towards achieving key business objectives.

2. Develop Team Leadership

Team leadership plays a crucial role in steering small businesses towards success. Ensure your team leaders have the training, means, and tools to effectively manage staff.  Leadership development can empower employees to perform at their best and drive overall business success.
Some outsourcing partners provide continuous leadership and oversight for your outsourced teams, boosting efficiency and overall productivity. Remote teams that are supported by leaders tend to perform better, as the leads inspire employees to strive beyond their basic roles and work toward professional growth.

3. Close the Resource Gap with Customized Solutions and Technology

Small businesses are more flexible and nimble than large corporations. SMBs can quickly adopt new solutions and strategies like advancing technologies. Incorporating new solutions allows for quick customization to existing workflows, making it a highly streamlined process.

Additionally with outsourcing, small businesses will be able to access these technologies without investing large recurring costs. Companies can actually save up to 70% on software development costs by using outsource teams and technology.

By using a reputable outsourcing partner, small businesses can take advantage of the latest technologies and experienced staff while reducing costs — only paying the stipulated fee in the outsource partners contract. By leveraging these new capabilities, a small enterprise can strengthen its position in the market and sustain future growth.

4. Strategically Hire Specialized Staff and Experts

Small businesses need to be focused and deliberate in hiring personnel.  With SMBs there is less leeway to hire for redundant positions, as each employee holds a specific role in your process flow.

Hiring experts for specific roles is the most logical tactic. In fact, 26% of small businesses outsource so they can work with experts in their field. Hiring specialists can give a company a competitive advantage by pulling from their expertise to contribute to the businesses growth.

With the right outsource partner, a small business can define specific staff needs and expertise to drive their growth. Superior outsourcing providers make a thorough assessment of a company’s requirements, and creates a hiring profile to target those needs specifically. Using the defined profile, the outsourcer can recruit and onboard high-performing people to drive success.

In Conclusion

Startups and small businesses have the odds stacked against them in today’s ultra-competitive environment. By outsourcing everyday activities and focusing on their unique advantages, small companies can create big opportunities for themselves.

Through outsourcing, small businesses can focus on efficiency and effectiveness, all while growing and maximizing the use of their resources. FGC+ can help you reach your potential without having to spend a lot of resources. Get to know more about how we can serve you at our website: