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People Management

With our all-inclusive outsourcing solutions, we fully support you through the process of staffing and training to team management, ensuring a positive experience that covers all your needs.

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We efficiently place the right people for optimal performance.
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We apply customized skill and character development for personal and professional growth.
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How We Surround Our Clients with Extensive Support

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Client Services

As your unbiased advocate and main point of contact, your client service manager ensures the needs of the program and relationship are met while providing a focus on long-term strategy and program optimization.


Executes the operational deliverables agreed upon while meeting or exceeding expectations.

Workforce Management

Reviews and analyzes staff productivity, trends, and utilization to ensure your team aligns with business demands.


Facilitates technical and soft skills training to equip team members with the skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

Quality Assurance

Audits the work to ensure staff adheres to your quality standards and focuses on continuous improvement to deliver top-notch services.

Human Resources

Fosters a positive work environment through talent management, employee relations, and effective HR practices including onboarding, payroll and benefits, and government compliance.

Talent Acquisition

Attracts, hires, and retains top talent to drive organizational success and growth.

Organizational Development and Talent Strategy

Develops mentoring, leadership, and engagement programs to ensure employment fulfillment, growth, and to achieve top performance for your business.

Information Technology

Leverages cutting-edge technology and innovation to provide reliable and consistent network uptime, data security compliance, and enhance overall system efficiency.

Reports and Analytics

Provide customized reports for you to maintain visibility on team performance and gain data-driven insights to identify and resolve issues proactively.

What Makes Us Different

Investment in People

provides team fulfillment and growth

To ensure you benefit from a highly capable, and passionate staff, we invest heavily in the training, professional development, and personal growth of our people. Through development programs, access to executive mentorship, and a nurturing workplace, we are dedicated to providing opportunities and an environment where employees can achieve their greatest potential.

All-Inclusive Solutions

go beyond traditional outsourcing models

From sourcing and hiring to training and ongoing management, we handle every aspect of your staffing needs. What sets us apart is our unique ‘Account Management+’ approach, seamlessly integrating Client Services and Operations. This synergistic combination not only ensures efficient execution but also brings strategic insights and innovation to your business.

Brand Empathy

to represent your company faithfully

At the heart of how we work is understanding and empathy. When you partner with us, FGC+ becomes a part of your team. We go to great lengths to understand your company from the inside out, enabling our people to represent your brand faithfully and proudly.


how we work

Onboarding and Training
The FGC+ Way

Early in our partnership, we work together to understand your business goals, current status, and proposed solutions to ignite growth opportunities. You’ll be paired with a Client Services Manager who will stay as your main point of contact from this stage and beyond.

Now that we understand your needs, our recruitment team will source and thoroughly evaluate top-tier talent for your exact requirements. In this stage, we’ll also work with you to create a knowledge base of your brand, products, services, and processes to use in training your staff.

After recruitment and hiring, we onboard, train, and mentor your new team. We will also establish short-term and long-term goals with KPIs to track performance. Our Training and Quality Team will continually measure competency, compatibility, efficiency, and more to ensure the staff is set up for success including an assessment to ensure their readiness for operations.

With your new team in place, our ongoing oversight allows you to focus on growing your business. To ensure your success, we dedicate additional resources to support you. Whether it’s operation managers who supervise and train, to quality assurance, analytics, or tech support, we’re here to support all areas of your business.

We’re Always Within Reach

Our professionals are available 24/7, 365 to ensure continuous support, with the flexibility to cover any shift schedule a client might need. Additionally, for our clients, we utilize a multi-channel communication system designed to provide prompt and effective assistance, no matter where or how you choose to reach out.

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Professional developers discussing ideas for new project

Cultivating a Supportive Culture

We believe in our employees’ growth, happiness, and well-being, and understand each person is unique and can have evolving motivators that drive passion and performance. In this spirit, our organizational development department looks at the employee journey and maps key interactions and experiences with FGC+ and the partner brand they’re supporting.

Our key development programs focus on social responsibility, employee rewards & recognition, and professional development to foster a nurturing atmosphere where our team members stay committed and work passionately to help your business thrive.


FGC+ can save you an average of 50% on overall costs versus hiring in-house staff. We bill a flat monthly service fee and take care of the complete payroll for your remote staff, so there’s no need for you to worry about their benefits, tax, insurance, etc.

Yes, there are some cultural differences. However, the Philippines is one of the top global outsourcing hotspots, known to be one of the most adaptive countries in Southeast Asia with a special affinity to Western culture. It’s also worth noting that hospitality and value for work are integral parts of the Filipino culture, making them easier to work with, dependable, and highly effective in their chosen fields. The country ranks 22nd (out of 111 countries) in the EF English Proficiency Index. English is widely used in all public places, even as a primary language for instruction at school. While one of our main requirements for applicants is exemplary communication skills, we further enhance their capabilities by conducting communication, accent neutralization, and cultural assimilation courses.

Every candidate that we endorse has been meticulously filtered and vetted by our FGC+ Recruitment Team, using several layers of assessment: interviews, skill tests, work samples/job simulations, reference checks, etc. Involvement in the selection process is optional. We usually recommend participation in the first hiring batch, so we can get a real sense of your standards and we can adhere to this as you move to add more staff.

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