Go Beyond Outsourcing:

FGC+ Ignites Possibilities Beyond Your Expectations

We’re an all-inclusive outsourcing provider. We’ll recruit, hire, train, and manage your outsourced team, with no long-term commitment.

FGC+ is all-inclusive outsourcing services — your partner for growth, not just seat fillers:

  • Create a roadmap for sustainable growth
  • Find qualified talent tailored to your exact needs
  • Onboard and train your new team members
  • Continuously mentor and coach outsourced team
  • Embody your brand, systems, and processes
  • Find areas for potential optimization
  • Create KPIs for productivity and growth

The FGC Way

From personifying your brand to reporting KPI analytics, our easy,
4 step process helps your business achieve sustainable growth.

Getting to know your business.


It’s early in our partnership, and we work together to understand your business needs, goals, limitations, and areas where we might  ignite opportunities for growth. You will be paired with a Client Services Manager who will stay with you from this stage and beyond.

Building your dedicated team.


Now that we understand your needs, our recruitment team will source and thoroughly evaluate top-tier talent for your exact requirements. In this stage, we’ll also work with you to create a knowledge base of your brand, products, services, and processes to use in training.

Onboarding and ready to grow.


Our service does not end with recruitment and hiring.  We onboard, train, mentor, and manage your new team. Our Training and Quality Team will continually measure competency, compatibility, efficiency, and more to ensure consistent top performance. 

Igniting your possibilities.


With your new team in place, our ongoing oversight allows you to focus on growing your business. To ensure your success, we dedicate additional resources to support you. Whether it’s operations, HR, analytics, or tech support, we’re here to support all areas of your business.

Let us ignite your possibilities for success.

Our culture and employee engagement programs are designed to develop, grow, and retain employees long-term. When employees feel supported, respected, and enjoy their work environment, our partners receive the results.

We provide the tools, training, flexibility, support, and environment that your new team needs to give you their top performance.

Our supportive culture and tactical programs elevate employee performance to fuel our clients' growth:

Leadership Development

Our remote teams are supported by onsite leaders who continuously strive to expand boundaries and bring out the best in others. Our leaders are skilled, authentic, and passionate about making a difference. Our management team is composed of seasoned professionals in outsourcing, entrepreneurship, and operations, with a range of expertise that is fully at your service.

True to our mission of helping people unleash their full potential, we have an Organizational Development Team dedicated to enhancing career paths. We ensure that our staff is happy and engaged by helping them discover additional skills and encouraging them to pursue professional and personal growth.

Training & Quality Assurance

We build a knowledge base specific to each client’s brand, products, services, and processes. Using the knowledge base, our employees undergo a series of trainings to best equip them for their roles and give support for their continuous development.

Our QA team monitors team performance and regularly conducts assessments to ensure compliance and efficiency. Through our learning management system, employees receive performance reviews with constructive feedback to assist in skill development and achieving client KPIs.

Facilities & IT

Creating a comfortable work environment is essential for both productivity and well-being. At FGC+, we’ve designed our offices with this in mind. Our workspaces feature individual workstations, meeting rooms, and well-equipped pantries, ensuring that our employees can work in a safe, peaceful environment with minimal disruptions.

When it comes to IT and infrastructure, we’ve invested in up-to-date systems to keep productivity running smoothly, including backup and redundancy systems for power and internet connectivity. Additionally, with IT specialists and system engineers available on-site 24/7, immediate support is just a call away to handle any issues that may arise. Your team’s efficiency and peace of mind are our top priorities

Culture & Engagement

We pride ourselves on providing an environment where people feel heard and are valued — a workplace that is healthy, vibrant, and engaging. Our teams thrive from our mentoring programs and initiatives like offsite team building activities, casual Fridays, theme days, and other events.
We make employee engagement a top priority, as it fosters continuous learning, solidarity, and overall mental wellness. An authentic sense of community and belongingness helps keep our people driven and motivates them to perform at their best.

Our Support Channels — Choose the roles you need

Get a dedicated, outsourced team that works exclusively for your brand, your systems, your products, and your customers.

Medical Support

  • Billing & Coding
  • Collections
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Case Management
  • Medical Facilities Coordination
  • Credentialing
  • Revenue Cycle Support
  • Therapy Coordination & Support

Customer Service Support

  • Customer Service
  • Bilingual Customer Service
  • Tech Support
  • Reception
  • Reservations
  • Dispatching
  • Social Media Asset Support

Back Office Support

  • Data Entry
  • Recruitment
  • Order Processing
  • Administrative Support
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Logistics & Shipping Support
  • Data Analytics
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Product Research & Listing
  • Executive Assistance

Ready to build your team?

Don’t just outsource tasks. Outsource growth. We’ll help you customize a team of experts, specific to your industry and business.

More Questions?

We’ve got the answers!

How much can I save outsourcing with FGC+?

Considering that the average outsourced employee costs 75% less than their in-house, onshore counterparts, outsourcing with FGC+ can save you an average of 50% on overall costs. We bill a flat monthly service fee and take care of complete payroll for your remote staff, so there’s no need for you to worry about their benefits, tax, insurance, etc.

How involved do I need to be in the hiring process?

Every candidate that we endorse have been meticulously filtered and vetted by our FGC+ Recruitment Team, using several layers assessment: interviews, skill tests, work samples/job simulations, reference checks, etc. Involvement in the selection process is optional. We usually recommend participation in the first hiring batch, so we can get a real sense of your standards and we can adhere to this as you add more staff.

How long does the onboarding process take?

As soon as agreements and other pre-onboarding documents are sealed/executed, onboarding can take as short as 15 business days or as long as 30-45 business days, depending on the complexity of the job needs and requirements. On top of technology integration, there is a need to onboard or train employees to make the business process work to our clients’ standards. FGC+ has a well-documented and organized Recruitment Process, as well as Training and Development process in place.

Onboarding is made easy with the deployment of a streamlined FGC+ Client Onboarding Process, with an assigned Client Success Manager who will oversee the progress and will mainly be the Client’s point of contact while on the onboarding stage with the support of FGC+ Client Onboarding Team.  

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