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We believe sustainable growth requires going beyond just outsourcing talent to fill roles. Real, sustainable growth comes from developing true partnerships that reveal areas of opportunity – what we call, igniting the possibilities.

About FGC+

We Started
Just Like You

In 2011, our founder, Moshe Greenfeld, was running a cabinetry company and felt strained under the mounting tasks of managing the day-to-day operations. Realizing that the only way to focus on the strategies and activities that would help him achieve growth, he had to outsource as many of those day-to-day tasks as possible. 

His frustration with the difficulties of scaling, and his many conversations with other business owners facing this same struggle, sparked the creation of FGC+. 

Initially focusing on virtual assistants, FGC+ has since expanded into recruiting, hiring, and training staff, setting up processes, providing support, leadership development, managing operations, and more.

We’re Dedicated to
Giving You More

The “+” in our name is a promise. A promise to you that we’ll give you more — a true partnership that doesn’t just find and manage talent for you, but finds all of the opportunities for growth within your business, and ignites them.

We take an all-inclusive approach to outsourcing and help you overcome the hurdles of sustainable business growth. Our unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive outsourcing solutions offers expertly skilled teams, efficient operations, inspired employees, seamless customer experience, and regular KPI reporting to ensure consistent top performance.

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fgc team

Leadership Team

Moshe Greenfeld

Moshe Greenfeld


Ian Dumalogdog

Nante Castroverde

VP, Finance

jacob bloom

Jacob Bloom

VP, Client Success and IT

Susannah Blexrud

Susannah Blexrud

Director, Growth and Revenue

Ian Dumalogdog

Ian Dumalogdog

Senior Manager, 
Organizational Excellence

carl whitmer

Mark Pahilanga

Senior Manager, Training

Andrea Ashley

Andrea Ashley

Director of Marketing

Jacob Bloom

Alex Pabon

Head of Operations

Christine O’Connor

Head of Human Resources


FGC+ is committed to changing the outsourcing industry through our core values, by investing in the development and management of our people.

Our values represent the principles we live and work by. They guide us to achieve employee engagement, optimal performance, and success for our clients through: 

  • Safe and fun work environment 
  • Professional development programs 
  • Supportive managerial style 
  • Operational excellence


Empathy is the ability to walk a mile in another person’s shoes. From understanding comes the appreciation of unique perspectives, and the ability to act and interact effectively.


Reliability means that our clients can depend on us. It is a core quality in all of our actions and interactions, supporting our ability to consistently and effectively produce and sustain results.


We look at everything through a lens of possibility. It means being open and receptive; which enables us to be resilient and build stronger relationships. Together, we can create more effective solutions so our people and partners can flourish.


Growth means that we strive towards realizing our potential by finding ways to improve personally, professionally, and as a team.

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