Jacob Bloom

Alex Pabon

Head of Operations

With over 12 years of experience in global operations, training and development, process optimization, and digital transformation, Alex is a seasoned leader who excels at turning challenges into opportunities. He is not only Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified but also a certified Scrum Master, credentials that have played a pivotal role in his career success. Alex has worked closely with a range of outsourcing companies and consulting firms, spearheading numerous cost-saving projects and initiatives that have elevated the organizations he’s been a part of.

Alex’s true passion lies in motivating and inspiring people to reach their full potential. He believes that empowering individuals is the key to achieving lasting success, and his leadership style reflects this commitment to personal growth and development.

Outside of the office, you’ll often find Alex spending quality time with his family or exploring new corners of the world. His love for travel allows him to not only discover new countries but also immerse himself in different cultures, continually broadening his horizons.