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Success Stories

At FGC+, we are all about building successful partnerships. Take a peek at some customer success stories where we’ve teamed up for remarkable outcomes.

Can’t imagine my day without the support, teamwork, and friendship of FGC+
FGC+ has been such a positive addition to the team. Everyone from their leadership team to the Professionals were able to come in and provide benefit to our company and make everyone's job easier and even free up more of my time!
Chani Segall, Stallion Express
FGC+ has been a true asset to our team!
Since the inception of the project and integrating them into our company, FGC+ oversaw the entire project and everyone involved was just on top of it the entire way! Professional, responsible, and eager to do well are just a few words I’d use to describe the entire team!
Alexandra Levenshteyn, Sunshine Advantage
The FGC+ team has really stepped up!
They have taken on a bigger role with managing our Order Entry and Customer Service departments! This has really freed up our team to focus on other improvements we can make to better service our customers and grow our business!
Eli Shlomo, Dependable Foods
The Team Leader makes things easier and ensures face-to-face guidance.
They have been great in taking the workload off of our reps so that we can all better service the customers. One thing I love about your company is how accurate and concise your reporting is in regards to the QA feedback and how everything is managed.
Hertz Brach, Fabuwood
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Customer Service Support

Improved customer satisfaction rating from 2 starts to 4 stars. Reduced abandoned calls from 32% to only 4%. Increased average service level rating from 68% to a remarkable 93%.

Logistics Support

Key delivery efficiency results yielded a significant improvement in the on-time dispatch rate, delivery fulfillment rate, and average delivery time. FGC+ also achieved a perfect 5 CSAT rating.

Medical Service Support

Outsourcing seven medical support positions allowed our partner to scale their capacity, streamline operations, and reduce costs by over 71%. FGC+ also achieved a 90.6% CSAT rating.

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