Outsourcing is a smart move for your business, allowing you to get tasks accomplished efficiently and save you money. Having an outsourced team that has your back can indeed amp up your productivity — the best part being that they can work without having to be physically where you are! There are talented professionals all over the world waiting to be outsourced, no matter what industry and position you need them for. To get them on your team, outsourcing companies can source, recruit, and onboard them for you at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.

If this is your first time outsourcing, be a bit cautious when picking a provider. The type of outsourcing provider you work with can make or break your experience. So, watch out for the bad signs, and focus on the good ones. Don’t know what to look for? Here’s a little guide on what stellar qualities you should be on the lookout for when working with an outsourcing provider.


Sets a Good Framework

A trustworthy outsourcing company collaborates with you to establish realistic goals and won’t dazzle you with empty promises. They ensure that your expectations align well with the talent you’re bringing on board. This way, you can delegate tasks S.M.A.R.T-ly and expect results that actually matter for your big company goals.

By establishing measurable goals and metrics in collaboration with your outsourcing partner, you gain a solid framework for tracking progress. While some outsourcing providers rigidly apply cookie-cutter procedures to every client, others are more flexible and offer adaptable processes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tailored to your specific needs. If it’s your first time outsourcing, the latter might be the smoother ride for you.

Secures Top-Notch Talent

Talent is out there, ready and willing to roll up their sleeves. Whether in India or the Philippines, a top-notch outsourcing company can hand-pick talent and find you the exact person you’re looking for. They’ll go the extra mile to find someone with the right qualifications in their reach that align with your needs. The service doesn’t end there, though!

Once they’ve gone through the screening and recruitment stages, they can provide equipment and training based on your resources and needs — even offering continuous training if needed. Nurturing the long-term productivity and well-being of your outsourced team is crucial, especially with the employee turnover rate hitting 57.3% in the US. A stellar outsourcing company not only identifies talent but also knows how to keep them happy and engaged.

Prioritizes Privacy

Setting boundaries is crucial when outsourcing, and that’s where setting a solid privacy strategy would come into play. Regardless of which industry your business is — whether it be logistics, finance, manufacturing or other — having a robust privacy agreement is a must to safeguard your company’s assets. When teaming up with an outsourcing provider, it’s essential to have a detailed discussion about this aspect.

Opt for outsourcing companies that go the extra mile by investing in top-notch security measures. Comprehensive protections, such as endpoint security and firewalls, are key to ensuring your data remains secure. With these safeguards in place, you can run your daily operations smoothly, free from any worries about privacy leaks.

Builds Trust and Nurtures Relationships with Employees

Once you’ve landed the perfect talent, a reliable outsourcing company won’t squander it. Beyond just handling the financial side of things, your outsourcing partner should focus on building trust and cultivating a positive environment for your outsourced employees.

A robust company culture plays a pivotal role in shaping how your business is managed. Interestingly, 46% of job seekers specifically seek out organizations with a great company culture. It’s essential to align yourself with a partner that places value on fostering a healthy work environment.

In Conclusion

Making a decision about an outsourcing company solely on surface-level appeal may lead to challenges down the road. Take a closer look at your potential partners and evaluate what they genuinely bring to the table for your company. If you’re in search of an outsourcing partner that delivers real value, FGC+ could be the answer. Let us help you in unlocking your business’s full potential. 

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