As you might have read in our previous blogs and sources online, outsourcing can present numerous benefits to the average business. From increasing productivity, to streamlining processes, to unlocking access to specific talent, this strategy checks all the boxes that can help business owners refocus. By that, we mean going back to your own core competencies and allotting time to focus on your main roles and tasks.

Outsourcing involves adopting an external team to handle routine tasks you don’t have the bandwidth to handle. With these off your plate, you can stay on-track to achieve your end goals and objectives, even with less resources and staff. Outsourcing a dedicated team is also a good way to augment your in-house operations, so your daily process flows smoothly from start to finish.

Are you considering outsourcing or are you new to the concept? Don’t forget to do the necessary self check-ups on your business and make preparations before undergoing such a project! To make the most out of it, be sure to avoid these common outsourcing mistakes first-timers make.

Mistake #1: Choosing Just Any Provider

There are a lot of outsourcing agencies available these days. When you look them up on the internet, you’ll find that a lot of them promise great returns on investment or sky-high efficiency. Those may all sound promising and worth a shot, but the important things you should be looking at are their expertise and how well they can match your needs. Be able to identify exactly what you need for your project, and do a discovery on the type of clients or industries they serve. This will ultimately give you an idea of what their forte is, allowing you to make a decision whether they fit or not.

Speaking of fit, culture fit is also an important consideration. You may be on a call with the best outsourcing agency ever, but if their company culture does not align with yours, you’ll be in for a rough time. Aligning your goals is important, but don’t forget that agreeing on the process and execution is just as paramount.

Mistake #2: Vague Expectations and No Clear Goals

Before making the move to outsource, you as a business should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. When problems are not well-defined, the solution can be vague. Remember that ideal outsourced tasks can be specified in detail, and can be measured with quantifiable checkpoints and deliverables.

Think of your project timeline, budget, deliverables, and what KPIs you can use as measurement. Communicate these well with your outsourcing provider so they’re fully aware of your expectations with the project. Some providers can even create a process outline that’s tailor-fit for you, and create KPIs specific to your outsourced team’s tasks, so it’s important to be transparent and communicative from the start!

Mistake #3: Prioritizing Price Over Quality

For businesses that are new to outsourcing, cost is the top concern that makes them double-think things. In fact, 70% believe the primary reason to outsource is to save on costs. They’re not wrong — but the price shouldn’t be the sole reason to base your decisions on. Don’t sacrifice quality over cheap fees, as this can spell disaster in the long run.

If you’re concerned about the financial side of things, you can customize your outsourcing contract with your provider and come up with a plan that suits you. Pay for only a suitable headcount that covers your hours of operations and staff with the appropriate level of expertise. All in all, make sure to have a well-defined contract with your provider that specifies all these details.

Mistake #4: Ignoring Feedback and Not Evaluation Results

When you’re finally in business with a provider and have your remote team behind you, remember that it’s not just a one-and-done thing. You have to regularly monitor progress and see whether your team is performing as expected.

Your provider can report on your team’s milestones, and provide insights on areas to optimize your workflows. Since they are constantly applying your process, they’re the best people to provide you with feedback on alternative solutions, new technologies, and overall just more efficient ways of dealing with things. You don’t have to implement everything reported, but keep such feedback in mind if you aim to improve your process flow down the line.

In Conclusion

When you outsource, don’t fall into familiar mistakes that could set you back. Look into your plans again to prepare for your outsourcing journey and partner up with a trusted provider. A good one can not only help you avoid making costly mistakes such as these, but continuously find opportunities for improvement.

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