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Client Testimonials

“I’m Managing an E-commerce business for 12 years now; as the business grew; customer service needs grew immensely; It was getting way to overwhelming to manage; I was recommended to FGC+ and glad to say they completely took over our customer service needs and go above and beyond to assure satisfaction. Their team is honest and pleasant to deal with; they take all concerns very personally and act upon them fast.”

– CEO, E-commerce Site

Ava (from FGC+) is an extraordinary at designing marketing collateral and supports 95% of our digital campaign efforts. She regularly communicates her appreciation for the opportunity and quietly reintroduced me  to Adobe software in May which has helped lighten our load of requests and run more efficiently as a team. Her exact words were “You can do it,” and I did.

I’m now the other 5% of design for our team. I efficiently design alongside Ava, and she doesn’t mind being a coach and supporter. Always willing to help, I trust Ava’s judgment and daily instincts to drive our efforts. We communicate well and motivate one another to grow in our roles! I couldn’t ask for a stronger more dedicated team member and friend.

– Project Manager, Telecommunications Company

You (FGC+) have been able to motivate and train your team to do great things and this is another step in developing. You guys are really great!

– AR Manager, Medical Billing Company 

John (from FGC+) is an extraordinary and passionate designer who is always driven to deliver and develop new skills. He is in constant communication, effective and flexible to feedback with supreme attention to detail for both small and large scale projects. He is an extremely positive personality, who puts a lot of care and love into his work.

I am very proud of the incredible designs that John is able to put together, and sometimes at short notice. He is able to study and analyze different brands and help incorporate their aesthetic. We couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated team member, as John is already as much an extension of our HQ family. Alongside John, Michael and Dexter are excellent support partners. We are incredibly happy to work with FGC+.

– HR Admin, Telecommunications Company

Anne is very upbeat on the phone and truly tries very hard to  gather all information in a timely manner from the client and enter it into the system.

I am very pleased with her progress and look forward to watching her grow with us.

– Customer Service/Quality Assurance Manager, Transportation Service

Kimberly has quickly adapted to the team here. She is a very quick learner and is becoming a vital part of day to day operations. Although her day to day tasks are not set in stone, she is becoming fluent in our systems and can assist in multiple different projects. Overall she’s been a great addition to the team, and I am working on making sure she is as versed in all concepts.  

– Director of Product Development, Transportation Service

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