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With the aim of going beyond the usual contact center service, we exist ​​to bring out the untapped potential, creativity and success in people, partnerships, and brands. FGC+ is all about igniting possibilities.

Organizational Values

Our organizational values represent the qualities of our people and guide how we think and act on an everyday basis.


Empathy is the ability to walk a mile in another person’s shoes. From understanding comes the appreciation of unique perspectives, and the ability to act and interact effectively.


Reliability means that our clients can depend on us. It is a core quality in all of our actions and interactions, supporting our ability to consistently and effectively produce and sustain results.


We look at everything through a lens of possibility. It means being open and receptive; which enables us to be resilient and build stronger relationships. Together, we can create more effective solutions so our people and partners can flourish. 


Growth means that we strive towards realising our potential by finding ways to improve personally, professionally and as a team.

Leadership team

Moshe Greenfeld


Nante Castroverde

VP, Finance

Jacob Bloom

Director, Client Success

Susannah Blexrud

Director, Growth and Revenue

Ian Dumalogdog

Senior Manager, Organizational Excellence

Mark Pahilanga

Senior Manager, Training

Kelvin Gutierrez

Site Lead, Buhangin

Max Cordero

Site Lead, Bacolod

Michael Doromal

Site Lead, Queens

Mark Watanabe

Manager, IT

Samantha Reyes

Manager, Marketing

John Paul Escudero

Manager, Facilities

Gablita Aquino

Assistant Manager, Recruitment

Our Story

The story of FGC+ begins with Moshe. In 2010, he owned a cabinetry company. As a business owner, it was then he realized how difficult it was to scale a business while managing his day-to-day responsibilities; from managing operations,to hiring and training staff, to setting up processes. His frustration sparked the idea behind FGC+.

Two of the most common reasons businesses fail is their inability to scale effectively and not having the right staff. In 2011, Moshe founded FGC+ to address these problems. Initially focused on virtual assistants, FGC+ grew quickly and expanded its services and the levels of support it offered to clients.

Today, FGC+ provides end-to-end staffing solutions and full operational support to numerous satisfied clients across industries all over the world. FGC+ continues to evolve. With a supportive culture of continuous improvement, FGC+’s purpose is to bring out the untapped potential, creativity and success in people, partnerships and brands. We continue to invest in our people, leadership, and culture to ignite possibility and turn work into a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

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