In today’s dynamic business world, delegating certain tasks to an outsourcing partner in hopes of strengthening your business is the smart move to make. In fact, a substantial 59% of companies choose to outsource to streamline their operations and reduce costs. Whether you’d need per-project assistance, or a dedicated long-term partnership, you’ve got to make a well-informed decision when it comes to augmenting your workforce. 

As you consider outsourcing, you’ll likely be faced with two viable options: hiring a freelancer or engaging through an agency. Both alternatives certainly have their benefits, and the right choice depends on your specific needs. Here, we’ll dive into several key points for each, in order to help you make a wise decision.


+ Pros:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Since freelancers are independent contractors, hiring them won’t let incur you long-term commitments or costs (especially when it comes to benefits) — which makes hiring them a budget-friendly alternative.
  • Specialized Expertise: When you hire a freelancer, you can focus on hiring individuals with precisely the exact skill set your project or task requires.


– Cons:

  • Inflexibility: Since freelancers tend to be specialized in one area, and you hire them for only that, it makes it challenging for them to cover additional work beyond their scope. Sudden workload spikes can also be hard for them to accommodate on top of their regular tasks. Furthermore, finding the “unicorn” employee, or one that can do everything for your business, is highly improbable.
  • Risk and Uncertainty: Freelancers, like all humans, are subject to face unforeseen circumstances that can disrupt their work, leaving you without help at unexpected times.
  • Recruitment Hassles: By 2027, 51% of the workforce in the U.S. will comprise of freelancers. Make no mistake, however: hiring them won’t be that easy. Finding freelancers to cover different tasks is incredibly time-consuming. You’d have to juggle vetting applications, scheduling interviews, managing onboarding, and even just reaching out to them individually will eat up your time before you can make substantial progress.

Outsource Partner:

+ Pros:

  • Flexibility and Expertise: Outsourcing agencies can pool together a shortlist of qualified applicants, allowing you to select from a broader range of skill sets and varying levels of expertise — matching whatever vacant positions you have. Support and management levels also have years of experience under their belt, enabling them to effectively train and oversee your team.


  • Quality Control: Outsourcing agencies typically have quality control and KPI measures in place (done in-house at their facility), to ensure the work they deliver meets your standards.


  • Network and Power Redundancies: When working with an outsourcing agency, their facility will have redundancies in place to guarantee uptime on your processes. They’ll have backup devices and connections available for power interruptions, network outages, and other such emergencies to ensure uninterrupted work no matter what.


  • Accountability: With your outsourced team in place, agency staff can collaborate closely with you and provide continuous management and oversight, enhancing your outsourced function’s overall efficiency.


  • Security: Agencies follow strict structured protocol and usually have layers of protective measures in place (such as NDAs and contracts) in order to safeguard your business data and protect your best interests.


– Cons:

  • Cost: Although engaging with an agency can usually be heftier than hiring individual freelancers, you can rest assured that everything from equipment, to training and onboarding costs, to compensation and benefits are all covered by your contract fees.

Hiring an Outsource Partner

Despite the initial cost associated with hiring through an outsourcing agency, the overall value you receive in terms of quality, consistency of work, and business security outweighs the expense.

As you weigh your options, it’s worth noting that hiring a dedicated outsourced team through an agency proves to be a worthwhile investment. You’ll get no compromise on quality and are assured professional accountability. In addition, you gain access to a dedicated team of vetted professionals, overseen by experienced leaders, and a supportive work environment that can alleviate plenty of challenges you would face when dealing with freelancers.

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