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We enable our people to perform at their best. Leadership development, comprehensive training, and team building programs empowers our people to deliver results that last.

The FGC+
Successful teams are fortified by solid and effective support. Our edge is that we don’t just stop at providing qualified staff for your business, we provide people who are empowered to perform their best. We provide an environment of constructive support and inspiration by investing in these levels of support to ensure your teams excel in their roles.
Our remote teams are supported by committed leaders who continuously strive to push boundaries and bring out the best in others. Our leaders are culture-centric, skilled, authentic, and are passionate about making a difference. Our management team is composed of seasoned professionals in outsourcing, entrepreneurship, and operations, with a range of expertise that is fully at your service.

True to our mission of helping people unleash their full potential, we have an Organizational Development Team dedicated to optimizing career trajectories. We ensure that our staff continue to be happy and engaged in their roles by helping them discover additional skills and encouraging them to pursue professional and personal growth.

Our Trainers build a knowledge base centered around each client’s products, services, and processes. Using this valuable resource, our employees, then, undergo a series of trainings to best equip them for their roles and to give ample support for their continuous development.

With our Quality Assurance team’s regular assessments and monitoring, we’re able to address skill gaps efficiently. Through our digital learning management system where they are encouraged to keep learning about their accounts and regular performance reviews where they are given constructive feedback, our employees can consistently excel and meet their KPIs.

A conducive working environment greatly impacts productivity and wellness. Our employees can work peacefully at our offices, which are all fully equipped with individual workstations, meeting rooms, pantries, and more. With a dedicated facilities manager and utilities team overseeing upkeep of our sites, the team can work safely and without disruption.
In terms of IT and infrastructure, productivity remains smooth and uninterrupted thanks to our up-to-date and reliable systems. Our teams stay connected through several back-up and redundancy systems for both power and internet. With IT specialists and system engineers onsite around the clock, support is easily accessible to handle issues real-time.
FGC+ is big on culture. We value an environment where people feel heard and valued – workplace that is healthy, vibrant, engaging. Our teams benefit from our mentoring programs and initiatives like offsite Team Building activities, casual Fridays, theme days, and other events.
We put employee engagement as part of our priorities, as it fosters continuous learning, solidarity, and overall mental wellness. An authentic sense of community and belongingness helps keep our people driven and motivates each one to their best.
Here are some of our Workplace Programs:

Career Development
Leadership Training
Coaching and Mentoring
Focus Group Discussions
Employee Engagement Initiatives
Team Building Activities

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