Human Resources (HR) plays a pivotal role in every organization and is uniquely positioned to drive company-wide success by balancing the company’s goals with employees’ needs. HR has the power to promote awareness of and champion strategies like outsourcing that can reshape the culture of a company for the better. In this blog post, we detail how HR leaders can use outsourcing as a strategy to drive growth and success for a business. 

How Outsourcing Helps HR

Outsourcing offers several strategic benefits to businesses overall. For HR specifically, these benefits translate to the following: 

Outsourcing Relieves Talent Challenges

One of the most crucial tasks of the HR Department is to acquire the best possible talent for a role. They oversee the entire hiring and training process, from sourcing candidates to conducting interviews and making job offers. In a tight labor market, strategic outsourcing can address significant talent gaps, providing access to a global talent pool. Outsourcing not only fills these gaps but also creates opportunities for existing employees to advance. With less pressure to recruit new talent, HR leaders can focus on developing and championing cultural changes within the company. 

Outsourcing Improves Employee Engagement

HR professionals play a huge role in the adoption of core values, advancing DEI initiatives, and promoting employee engagement through recognition programs and teambuilding activities. Fostering a supportive work environment is crucial for boosting employee motivation and achieving top performance Partnering with a third-party service provider enables current employees to delegate repetitive non-core tasks, leading to increased job satisfaction and retention. Moreover, outsourcing companies often facilitate opportunities for their staff to participate in employee engagement activities and continuous learning, promoting stability and reducing turnover. This stability extends to in-house teams, empowering them to assume more strategic and high-value responsibilities within the organization. 

Outsourcing Allows HR to Focus on Core Business Functions

HR plays a strategic role in shaping a business’ future. However, they are often overburdened by their vast array of responsibilities. Outsourcing providers can take care of vetting, hiring, training, and managing remote teams. By outsourcing non-core functions, an HR leader can take on a more strategic role in ensuring all initiatives are carried out successfully. They can then align HR practices with overarching business goals without compromising the quality of work rendered. 

Outsourcing Leads to Business Growth

Cost reduction is a major advantage of outsourcing, but it’s not the only reason why HR leaders should outsource. HR can also leverage outsourcing to improve employee retention. While it’s true that businesses can significantly reduce overhead and labor expenses, outsourcing also helps stabilize costs over a long period of time. This is due to the scalable nature of outsourcing which allows businesses to manage fluctuating market and workforce demands. Stability leads to profitability which trickles down to job security for existing employees. When a company does well, it can deliver better benefits and secure long-term retention of valuable talent. 

HR's Role in Organizational Changes

The role of HR in organizational culture is to incentivize new practices and policies so that they are more likely to be embraced by employees. For example, when a business practices offshore staffing, collaboration between the outsourcing and in-house teams is necessary for the project’s success.  

It’s important for HR to vouch for strategies and initiatives that can contribute to the business’ bottom-line. For instance, HR professionals can champion outsourcing by ensuring that the initiative is aligned with the company’s business objectives and selecting offshore staffing companies whose values, work culture, and communication styles are a right match for yours. 

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