To the average business owner, getting swamped with numerous tasks that demand your undivided attention is the norm. While you and your staff can handle everyday tasks well enough, you’ll eventually reach the point when unexpected challenges will cause you to spread yourself too thin. If your business has been constantly experiencing these challenges, it might be the right time to consider outsourcing.

Outsourcing, or hiring a dedicated offshore team to handle your usual tasks, is a cost-effective way to handle the pressures of handling small-to-medium businesses. Not only is it a cost-cutting measure, it’s also a strategic way to equip your business with the flexibility to scale up based on the workload. Not surprisingly, outsourcing is helpful to 66% of companies with 50 or more employees.

Small to medium businesses have put outsourcing into practice as part of their operations! Curious about when to incorporate outsourcing into your business strategy? Let’s explore some scenarios that signal the need for such a move:

When the Work Volume is Too Much for Your Staff to Handle

44% of people worldwide experience workplace stress. Even the best team of employees can feel the strain when faced with an overwhelming volume of tasks. Signs such as employees working overtime or skipping breaks to meet deadlines indicate a need for intervention. Delegating some of the workload to an offshore team can alleviate the pressure on your staff.

When You Want to Increase Efficiency

Having a small team may save costs, but it also limits your capacity to grow. If your team is too spread thin to complete existing projects, pursuing new ventures can be another thing their plate can’t handle. This stagnation hampers your company’s potential for a substantial return on investment.

In a survey, at 24%, the top reason why small businesses choose to outsource is to increase efficiency. Another is to free up employees’ time for other tasks. Outsourcing becomes a strategic move to achieve these goals and overcome such limitations.

When You Need to Extend Operation Hours

Would adding round-the-clock services be essential? Although this depends on the type of industry you’re in, a high demand often requires you to offer services beyond office hours. When you have plans to expand globally, you also need staff to cater to different time zones.

If you’re a small-to-medium business that’s experiencing rapid growth, putting together a team capable of operating 24/7 demands significant resources. To overcome this challenge, outsourcing is your best and most practical solution. You can assemble a skilled team anywhere in the world to meet the demands of international markets and provide continuous customer service.

When You're Struggling to Cater to Customer Concerns

Business growth often means more customers, accompanied by a surge in requests and complaints. A small in-house team may struggle to meet the diverse needs of customers, which can affect the quality of service. Keep in mind that 88% of people think that the experience a company provides is as important as its product or services. By outsourcing functions like customer service, purchasing, or order fulfillment, you can manage these growing demands effectively.

When You Need An Expert But Can't Find Them In Your Area

In a survey, 18% of businesses’ reason to outsource is to get assistance from an expert. Finding the right people with the right skills may not be that easy though. Expanding your team often leads to the roadblock of not finding adequate and qualified individuals in your area. A shortage of talent may be the reason: a challenge that 63% of recruiters have faced in recent times. In such cases, outsourcing offers a strategic advantage, allowing you to tap into a pool of skilled professionals globally.

Outsourcing enables small to medium companies to focus on their core strengths, solves capacity issues, improves the quality of your services, and gets you connected with expert staff.

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