Filipino staff are in a league of their own when it comes to work. Their work ethic is unmatched when comparing it to global standards, making them an invaluable asset to any team. Filipino employees always bring their A-game and shine in their respective workplaces, which elevates the performance of the entire team.

The rising globalization of today’s workplaces has allowed the Filipinos to become a bigger part of the workforce. In the U.S., about 66% of Filipinos that are 16 and over are a part of the civilian labor force. And that number doesn’t even include the millions of Filipinos working remotely!

Even in terms of remote work, an outsourced team made up of Filipino staff can certainly excel. Many small businesses and even large corporations are opting to offshore some of their work to Filipino talent through outsourcing agencies.

Quick Facts About Hiring From The Philippines

  • The Philippines boasts a workforce of 44 million individuals.
    Filipinos ages 25 and older have much higher education rates compared to both the native- and overall foreign-born populations.
  • The majority of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) workers in the country are university graduates with higher educational attainment, underscoring their impressive capabilities in various professional roles.
  • Among Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines stands out with a literacy rate of 99.27% as of 2021.
  • Educational institutions produce approximately 700,000 college graduates each year, spanning a wide range of disciplines, with 25% specializing in IT and Engineering.
  • 66% of Filipino employees choose to work close to home — this influences their decision to work at BPO companies within their area.

In our previous blog, we discussed how the Philippines has become a top outsourcing destination for American companies. In this blog, we’ll discuss the Filipino difference: what actually makes working with Filipino staff so advantageous? Read on to find out!

1. Resourcefulness and Initiative

Filipino professionals possess a natural ability to think on their feet. This allows them to bring a new perspective when solving challenges for the team. Needless to say, they are naturally adaptable to complex situations and can proactively seek creative solutions — adding tremendous value to any project.

2. Great Potential for Leadership

Filipinos exhibit exceptional leadership potential. They can inspire and guide their peers in a way that contributes to the overall success of any team or organization.

Many outsourcing companies tap into this leadership potential by assigning management roles to agents who excel. They, in turn, ensure consistent oversight so that outsourced teams can consistently hit their targets. Some outsourcing agencies even offer leadership training for all team members on top of their basic training, maximizing the potential of each and every employee. 

3. 24/7 Culture 

The Philippines is home to bustling metros like Manila, Cebu, Davao, and Bacolod, all of which possess a “city that never sleeps” culture. With that in mind, the country’s workforce of 44 million is able to support businesses in different geographies. Filipinos can adapt their schedules to work even late shifts, so that they can provide support for overseas businesses during and beyond local office hours. 

4. Great Communication

Unlike other Asian countries, English is one of the two official languages in the Philippines. From their primary to tertiary education, all educational instruction is mostly delivered in English. Similarly, local laws, directions, and signages are all in English, too.

Clear and effective communication is a hallmark of Filipino professionals. They can articulate ideas, actively listen, and provide feedback like any onshore co-worker. All of that facilitates smooth and efficient collaboration within the most diverse of teams.

5. Care and Hospitality

Filipino culture values care and hospitality for all people, fostering a warm and welcoming work environment. This culture of consideration and support translates into a harmonious and productive atmosphere within teams.

6. Culture of Resilience and Optimism

Filipino professionals have developed remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. This ability to overcome challenges and persevere through tough times is a critical trait that adds strength and determination to any project. In fact, 55% of Filipinos are optimistic about their quality of life improving in the near future. 

7. Family-Oriented Culture

One of the distinct features of working with Filipino staff is their deeply ingrained family-oriented culture. This emphasis on family plays a significant role in shaping their work ethic, values, and overall approach to life.

The concept of “family” extends beyond just the immediate household. Even co-workers can become a part of this tight-knit support system. This family-centric perspective influences the way Filipino professionals approach their work and interactions with colleagues.

In Conclusion

Working with Filipino staff, or even just outsourcing a Filipino team, allows businesses like yours the opportunity to tap into a workforce that has a strong sense of responsibility, with plenty of unique positive traits. Not only are Filipinos easy to jive with, you’ll see that they are good communicators, hard workers, and dedicated to what they do — making them a perfect addition to any team or project.

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