FGC+ has been in business since 2011.

Our delivery centers are in the Philippines. We have 2 centers in Davao City and 1 in Bacolod City. We strategically chose these locations because of the abundance in exceptional talent.

Yes, there are some cultural differences – however, the Philippines is one of the top global outsourcing hotspots, known to be one of the most adaptive countries in Southeast Asia with a special affinity to Western culture. It’s also worth noting that hospitality and value for work are integral parts of the Filipino culture, making them easier to work with, dependable, and highly-effective in their chosen fields.

The country ranks 15th (out of 80 countries) in the EF English Proficiency Index. English is widely used in all public places, even as a primary language for instruction at school.

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Outsourcing with FGC+ can save you an average of 50% on payroll, benefits, and overhead costs. We bill a flat monthly service fee and administer complete payroll for your remote staff, including their benefits, taxes, insurance, and more. 

Our current CSAT (Client Satisfaction) Rate is 94%. Please check this link for more testimonials – https://fgcplus.com/about-us/client-testimonials 

We have different clients from different industries, and we have been successful at providing them their outsourcing needs for long-term. We have clients who have been with us since we began.

FGC+ has a strong culture of privacy and security. The security measures we employ include: having an enterprise firewall and endpoint security protection, encrypting all workstations, and keeping patches and backups updated. We also have the tech specialists and systems engineers from our in-house IT Team available on-site around the clock to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

Every candidate that we endorse has been meticulously filtered and vetted by our FGC+ Recruitment Team, using several types of assessments: interviews, skill tests, work samples/job simulations, reference checks, etc. Involvement in the selection process is optional. We usually recommend participation in the first hiring batch, so we can get a real sense of your standards and we can adhere to this as you move to add more staff.

As soon as agreements and other pre-onboarding documents are sealed/executed, onboarding can take as short as 15 business days or as long as 30-45 business days, depending on the complexity of the job needs and requirements. On top of technology integration, there is a need to onboard or train employees to make the business process work to our clients’ standards. FGC+ has a well-documented and organized Recruitment Process, as well as Training and Development Process in place.  

Onboarding is made easy with the deployment of a streamlined FGC+ Client Onboarding Process, with an assigned Client Success Manager who will oversee the progress and will mainly be the Client’s point of contact while on the onboarding stage, and with the support of FGC+ Client Onboarding Team.  

FGC+ has several processes in place to ensure that your remote staff are productive and efficient.

From onboarding, we work to truly understand your requirements and internal processes, so we can adapt and adjust accordingly. This means, foremost, being selective in the candidates that we endorse to ensure a good client-staff match. We also work with you in building the right KPIs (key performance indicators) to aptly measure your staff’s progress and accomplishments. We share weekly/monthly/quarterly reports to give you visibility on performance.

During actual Operations (Go-Live), your staff are supervised and guided by Team Leaders, Operations Managers, and our in-house support teams. On top of this daily oversight, their work goes through QA (quality assurance) checks that involve performance evaluations, feedback/coaching, development plans, etc. Additionally, we also carry out regular business reviews with each client to identify areas for improvement and make sure that everything is up to par.

To mitigate disruptions in daily operations, we have redundant internet connections (to ensure constant uptime) and generator backup + UPS system (in case of power outages). Our average uptime is 99.99%.

For bigger emergencies, we have a Business Continuity Process in place that has proven to be efficient and effective, especially in the face of the recent pandemic. Our Internal Control and Compliance Team has outlined specific recovery and emergency response plans. Because our delivery centers are in different locations, we can securely house data off-site and employ other solutions like alternate site/remote work set-up with stringent Performance Monitoring Guidelines and Remote Work Management.  

We operate 24/7 and can be flexible to your business hours.

We use different platforms (Zoom, Skype, etc.) for you to easily reach your staff. If you have your own CRM or communication channel, we can integrate it; if you have a phone system, we can also provide a soft phone, so they can be an extension away from your team.

FGC+ employs a buffer system for most of our accounts depending on the nature of the function, wherein another employee can cover for your dedicated staff who is out of commission. In case we’re not able to do so, we deduct certain days off your following month’s invoice – so you, ultimately, only pay pro-rated, based on services rendered.

Billing begins when your resource starts Day 1 of Client/Product Specific Training. The nature of the commitment is that it’s an auto-renewable, month-on-month contract. You can cancel anytime within the first 30 days and, onwards, you can give a 30-day downsizing or termination notice.

If you have other questions not covered by our FAQs, you may chat with a Live Agent on the bottom right part of this site or contact us at https://fgcplus.com/contacts. You may also call (+1) 212 – 804 – 7111 (Press 3).