An excellent customer service front is crucial to the success of every business. Fun fact: 38% of consumers are more likely to recommend a business that offers good customer service. But what if your in-house team is spread too thin and doesn’t have the time or capacity to attend to your communication channels? You simply can’t ice out your customers’ incoming calls and concerns, but they might not be able to drop everything else either. In cases like these, you might want to outsource your customer service to an external team instead!

What is customer service outsourcing?

Outsourced customer service means having a trusted team behind the scenes who will handle your business’s customer interactions, including emails, calls, and chats for you. Instead of handling all customer inquiries and support in-house, a specialized external service provider will put together a team that will handle your calls 24/7, if you’d like. This not only saves you time but also ensures your customers receive top-notch assistance around the clock.

What are the benefits of outsourcing customer service?

1. Boosts Profits:

Consumers often base their buying decisions on the quality of service they receive, which can impact yours if you don’t offer a good customer experience. In fact, 43% of customers would pay for greater convenience, while 42% would for a friendly consumer experience. Happy customers tend to endorse a business to others, which contributes to increased returns in the long run!

Overall, these statistics suggest that investing in outsourced customer support will likely lead to increased customer satisfaction and greater profits.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience and Loyalty:

While having an in-house support team may be a factor to maintain the “personal touch”, outsourcing your customer service team can actually improve customer satisfaction and retention. With the right onboarding, your support agents align themselves with your brand, making sure to keep the same quality touch for all customer concerns. 89% of consumers are more likely to buy again from you after a positive consumer experience. Their enhanced experience can solidify their loyalty to your brand, while also securing conversions.

3. Refocus Core Competencies:

Outsourcing customer care frees up your team to concentrate on critical day-to-day operations and growth opportunities. When you outsource customer support from a 3rd party company, they’ll be able to handle the bulk of hiring, training, and managing support teams so you don’t have to — allowing your business to thrive in its core competencies.

4. Operational Efficiency:

Outsourcing customer service proves to be a more cost-effective choice for many businesses compared to staffing internally. You don’t have to deal with the large call center outsourcing cost related to setting up a physical contact center yourself, as well as the associated hiring costs. With that, you can achieve your business’s goals through trackable metrics, such as lowering average handling time and increased first-call resolution rate.

Managing cost doesn’t always mean outsourcing to the cheapest, off-shore provider and sacrificing quality. Find a reputable outsourcing and customer service provider to help you efficiently build best-in-class customer experience and processes at scale.

5. Ease of Scaling and Flexibility:

With the power of customer service outsourcing, your outsourcing partner can provide you with the agility and infrastructure to scale your operations quickly, not just for seasonal surges but for long-term growth as well. This flexibility ensures your business can adapt to changing needs efficiently, like an increase in your customer base or an intent to branch out. A 10% increase in customer retention can lead to a 30% increase in your company’s value.

6. Access to Specialized Experts and Attention to Quality:

Professional support agents bring expertise and industry knowledge to provide an exceptional outsourced customer experience, ensuring you a competitive advantage. Outsourcing providers can source agents with diverse technical expertise and take care of that team for you. Need people with knowledge of specific products? Want to offer bilingual support? Not a problem!

Not only that, quality is ensured by continuous oversight and training. A good outsourcing provider will have KPIs in place to make sure your team hits all the boxes.

7. Easy Reporting and Tracking:

Outsourcing companies generally provide real-time insights and customizable reporting, allowing you to control report scheduling. Utilizing contact center technology and analytics, expert consultants refine customer experiences and process efficiencies through data analysis for continuous improvement.

Select the right partner to outsource your customer service

While there are many advantages of outsourcing your customer support, the process can feel overwhelming.

It’s essential to do your research before carefully choosing a partner that understands your brand, meets your specific needs, and shares your goals. The right outsourcing partner works with you as an extension of your brand, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers and contributing to the success of your business.

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