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Client Testimonials

“FGC+ agents are well-adjusted, you can hear them great on the phone. The technology is fantastic. The training is great. So our first agent with the Philippines is Joan, and we just visited their office in Bacolod and I can tell you, we are impressed with the office. We are impressed with the staff. We absolutely love Joan. And when Graymatter expands very near in the future, the first phone call that we’re gonna make is to Jerinne to get more agents just like Joan.”

– David Maayani – CTO & Founder at GrayMatter Networks

I am very satisfied with FGC+ and it’s their people that make them stand out from others. They are very friendly and they really know what to do. We don’t really need to brief them too many times. Their services has gone beyond expectations. The people are easy to work with.

Since using FGC+ services, we’ve really seen an increase in the number of visitors and registrations. We can always rely on them. They are very independent. We don’t have to micromanage; we don’t have to supervise all the time.

 – Intan Syuhada, Sales & Business Development at Messe Berlin (Singapore)

Ava [from FGC+] is an extraordinary at designing marketing collateral for Ameritel and supports 95% of our digital campaign efforts. She  regularly communicates her appreciation for the opportunity and quietly reintroduced me  to Adobe software in May which has helped lighten our load of requests and run more efficiently as a team. Her exact words were “You can do it,” and I did. I’m now the other 5% of design for our team. I efficiently design alongside Ava, and she doesn’t mind being a coach and supporter. Always willing to help, I trust Ava’s judgment and daily instincts to drive our efforts. We communicate well and motivate one another to grow in our roles! I couldn’t ask for a stronger more dedicated team member and friend.

– Project Manager, Telecommunications Company

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