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Our Solutions

If your growth is being slowed by challenges due to limited resources, experience, or infrastructure, our solutions can propel your business growth. Sustainable growth requires going beyond just outsourcing talent to fill roles. Real, growth comes from partnerships that reveal areas of opportunity – what we call, igniting the possibilities.

Our solutions achieves results for you because the people we hire, develop, and manage are passionately dedicated to your success.  Our outsource teams are well-trained by our experienced leaders to deliver operational excellence and a seamless customer experience for your business.

Don’t worry if you don’t see your specific solution area. No matter the role or industry, we will fulfill your specific staffing needs with a team that seamlessly integrates with your business.

Customer Service

Customer service support, digital fulfillment, reception services, reservation handling, product listing, and dispatching to ensure seamless customer interactions across various touchpoints.

Technical Support

Help desk and end-user support, catering to an array of technical inquiries and issues.

Medical Support

Medical billing and coding, credentialing services, denial management, revenue cycle management, eligibility verification, and patient services for effective, compliant healthcare administration.

Professional Services

Accounting and bookkeeping, collections, recruitment, and quality assurance services for comprehensive back-office support.

Data/Order Management

Data entry, order processing, invoicing, and data analytics for efficient and accurate handling of critical business data.

We Have The Expertise To
Further Your Business Potential

With FGC+, it’s not just about finding the right people — it’s about removing the burden of people management and ensuring you have the right people to build sustainable operations that support business growth. Our all-inclusive approach means you can focus on scaling your business, while we handle the complexities of staffing and team management.

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The FGC+ Way

We don’t just fill positions. Instead, we invest in understanding your business to provide a skilled and inspired workforce aligned with your vision. Our unwavering commitment to excellent outsourcing leads to seamless integration and exceptional results.

Take Your Business to New Heights with FGC+

Our 4-step onboarding process helps us ensure real, sustainable growth for your business.


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