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How we help our clients

“Learn how our team makes outsourcing simple, easy, and effective.”
Moshe Greenfeld

Grow Your Business Through Ours

Not having the right people in the right seats at the right time impacts your business. Costing you money and time. FGC+ builds a team to meet your needs so you can grow your business — without the worry and hassle of hiring, training, and managing staff yourself.

Managed Outsourced Team

Outsource an entire function to FGC+. We take care of everything from hiring, training, and building to managing processes and supervising staff.

Virtual Staff | Executive Assistants

Virtual Assistants are an extension of your staff, directed by you. With our in-house team providing management oversight, we assure top-quality, reliable, and constant support.

Project-Based Staff

Project-based staff can help you when you have a short-term need or a project you need done. Use for seasonal, busy seasons, or a quick project.

Some of the functions our clients outsource with us

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Architecture & Graphic Design

Medical Billing & Coding

Administrative Support

E-Commerce Functions


Back Office Support

Human Resources


Call Center & Omni-Channel Support

Logistics Management

Lead Generation & Sales

Customer Service


Tech/IT Support

Why FGC+

Lower Costs

Save 50% or more on costs and overhead. When you outsource with us, you don’t need to spend money on office space and equipment, IT infrastructure and support, recruitment and HR, employee benefits, and taxes.


We hire, and train, and manage staff and set up processes so you don’t have to worry about managing, scaling, or cutting back staff. It enables you to shift focus from managing people to managing results.

Highly-Skilled Team

We build your unique, highly-customized team which serves as an extension of your on-shore team.

Strategic Consulting

Our senior leadership team partners with you in building the right plan up front and stays involved every step of the way.

Work With Us

Needs Assessment

We work with you to define what staffing options meets your unique needs. We develop a roadmap for growth, business continuity, and results.

On-boarding the Right Staff

At our state-of-the-art facilities in the Philippines, our experienced management staff sources, hires and supports you in training your staff.


Our on-site supervisors manage our team in a fun, productive, and motivating environment. They work with your team on a day-to-day basis making sure the team delivers your expected results.

save on cost
highly competitive talent pool
reclaim your time

“FGC+ agents are well-adjusted, you can hear them great on the phone. The technology is fantastic. The training is great. So our first agent with the Philippines is Joan, and we just visited their office in Bacolod and I can tell you, we are impressed with the office. We are impressed with the staff. We absolutely love Joan. And when Graymatter expands very near in the future, the first phone call that we’re gonna make is to Jerinne to get more agents just like Joan.”

- David Maayani – CTO & Founder at GrayMatter Networks

I am very satisfied with FGC+ and it’s their people that make them stand out from others. They are very friendly and they really know what to do. We don’t really need to brief them too many times. Their services has gone beyond expectations. The people are easy to work with. Since using FGC+ services, we’ve really seen an increase in the number of visitors and registrations. We can always rely on them. They are very independent. We don’t have to micromanage; we don’t have to supervise all the time.

– Intan Syuhada, Sales & Business Development at Messe Berlin (Singapore)

Kimberly has quickly adapted to the team here. She is a very quick learner and is becoming a vital part of day to day operations. Although her day to day tasks are not set in stone, she is becoming fluent in our systems and can assist in multiple different projects. Overall she’s been a great addition to the team, and I am working on making sure she is as versed in all concepts.

- Director of Product Development, Transportation Service