Where Do I Find Virtual Assistants?

More and more businesses are opting for business process outsourcing over in house staffing. But like any type of corporate endeavor, the former still carries a few risks—false advertising, fake profiles, bogus businesses etc. The best way to avoid being the victim is to find the right VA or staff provider who can deliver  quality services that match your budget.

To continue our “virtual assistant” series, we’ll help you find the perfect location to scout for staff.  Is India still the go to spot for hiring? Or should you look for better options? Let’s compare data and find out who bags the top spot as the “Virtual Assistant Capital”; is it India, China or the Philippines?



India is one of the first outsourcing capitals of the world. Aside from the low operational costs in the country, its known for having the best technical staff for programming and software development. In addition, the manpower count is also very high making it an ideal choice for mass outsourcing.


Its no secret that the biggest issue that business owners face when hiring Indian staff is verbal skills. English is not the main language used in the country. So expect that there might be some lapses in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, diction or pronunciation. Outsourcing itself challenges the normal means for communication and poor verbal skills will only magnify the problem threefold.  Are you willing to take the risk?



China has led most of the world’s industries and outsourcing is not exception. The country’s large population, favorable economic status and advanced infrastructures continue to attract business owners from the United States and Europe to invest.


Similar to India, verbal skills isn’t a strong point for the Chinese people. Although improving, their communication skills will still need to make further progress. Chinese culture is also very different from western culture; this might serve as a potential threat for future business developments.



Since English is given high priority in Philippine universities and schools, the country has been acclaimed as Asia’s largest English-speaking country beating even India, Brunei and Singapore. Being colonized by Americans in the late 1800’s, Filipinos have also developed a deeper understanding American culture.


The political climate in the Philippines has been unstable lately due to cases of corruption from  several government officials. Apart from this, not all cities have the infrastructures needed to set up large scale outsourcing.

That’s a short rundown on the pros and cons of hiring from China, India and the Philippines. So, where are you planning to hire your next virtual assistant?

Remember, this article was written to merely give you an idea as to where to source your virtual assistants. Finding a specific individual from these countries is another thing. Make sure to choose a VA who is consistent in supporting the growth of your company. Someone reliable, speaks good English and can deliver high quality results despite the lower rates.

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