All-inclusive outsourcing services that empower enable your business to scale with ease.

Recruiting the right staff, managing your teams, and developing solid systems and process – these are the things that most business owners are challenged with.

FGC+ makes scaling your business easier with our effective outsourcing model.

We develop high performing teams that provide exceptional operational support.

Here are some of the verticals we support:

Customer Service

Our teams are adept in delivering exceptional customer service for any industry. Trained to handle even the most complex inquiries, our agents deliver a personalized touch true to your brand.


Outsource customer service teams with FGC+ for less expense. The flexibility we provided allows you to scale your team quickly, so you can focus on your core competencies. We hire and train your team, you pay for only the services you need.

24/7 Availablity

Opportunity never sleeps. Providing round-the-clock support when it comes to contact center outsourcing is crucial — hence our teams can be made available to assist customers queries 24/7.


Have a diverse range of customers? FGC+ can source, hire, and train customer service representatives fluent in various languages, allowing you the support to expand your business wherever you want. 

Languages Supported:

and more

Feel free to inquire about other functions we offer.

About Us

More than just a call center.

From 11 years of helping companies scale, we know that sustainable business growth starts with hiring the right teams. Developing high-performance teams is our expertise here at FGC+.

Our purpose is to bring out the untapped potential, creativity and success in people, partnerships, and brands.

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