Launching of FGC+ Corporate Center in Buhangin, Davao

corporate center launch

corporate center launchRibbon cut and facility blessed – what a Friday! When most employees would be on their merry way home, FGC+ Buhangin pilot teams stayed over to help welcome to their new home the members of the ExeCom, the Finance, Management, and HR teams, and other pros from our Davao Queens site.

For some, it was their first chance to roam around the fresh office expansion. For most, it was their first time seeing it packed with people. For everyone, it sure was filled with excitement, imagining the near future of the place now filled with a few hundred new co-workers enjoying the modern facilities.

“On behalf of our CEO, the ExeCom, and the rest of the management, we are officially launching our Buhangin site today. This is a culmination of all the hard work that everybody has been putting into the company to date. This is our new brand. This is FGC+. This is our Future. We have so much space for growth. We are yet to start development of half of the second floor, and the vast first floor. At the same time, this is our gift to you: a better site, a better location, better facilities. This reflects our character and our aim to develop a more unusual attitude when working, especially with each other and with our clients. This is surely the start of us gearing towards empowering the unusual, and as a plus, it’s instagrammable!” says VP Andre of IT, Facilities, and Logistics.

Since the start of the the deployment of our legacy accounts to the new site, it has gained its new pet-name from its first occupants, “FGC+ Sands”. “Buhangin”, the locality of the new facility, is actually a Cebuano/Tagalog word that directly translates to “sand,” in English. A witty play of words by our people that simply gave the building more character. Are we on a trend to naming our facilities to “Sands,” “Waves,” and “Metros?” Perhaps. But you know, why not?

corporate center
Buhangin Launching