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By: Rex Jara

In this fast-changing, deadline-beating and expectations carrying-out kind of department, we do know how to rest break but yeah! FAST. It?s been months of all work, classes here and there, call monitoring left and right, and do we still think of breaks? I am not sure of that though, probably iced coffee before shifts?Smoke breaks?But as a team, we rarely share our rest breaks together. But not until Dinah decided to have a quick meeting with us. And so, it did happen, finally, some time to catch things up and breakfast with the rest of the team. We started the team breakfast with a prayer, and while eating, Dinah discussed few things concerning our tasks, updates from Sir Peter, changes within the department, delegations of work and new assignments. While I was eating and listening to Dinah, I realized how blessed I am to be a part of this team. Dinah, as our POC and supervisor, I cannot thank her enough for all the untiring efforts and support for the team. Daddy Brando, for being so kind and for his incomparable exertions to make the team strong and still standing. Anjenie, although a new addition to the group, I can see how adaptive she is when it comes to her tasks as QA and her positivity is such a burst of sunshine. And me? For still keeping sane after all the mishaps these past few days. I cannot imagine how strong this team is that despite all the challenges, we are still grounded, dynamic and supportive with each other.


FGC+ had been and will always be a house of dedicated people, that amidst our differences, we are still fueled to become the best version of ourselves at work. Some things may have changed, people and campaigns come and go, but the company’s character is still there…to be flexible; to be adaptive to an ever-changing environment. Training and Quality department alone had taught me a lot of things. The department had taught me to believe in myself, in my potential, that I am a great contributor, and that my role as a trainer is very essential. The department also had taught me the most important thing? TO BE MORE EMBRACING. TO SEE NEW CHALLENGES AND CHANGES WITH POSITIVITY. We, in the department already faced a lot of challenges but we still somehow managed to withstand and still looking forward to incoming clouds of challenges as the company progress. Some people, took their breaks, to relax, to play, to talk, but for us? We break so we can have a conversation, conversation to have resolutions, resolutions to sort out differences, differences that made us who we are, individually and as a team.

Hold on tight Training and Quality Department – Davao…We are coming!



By: Rex Jara

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance,
you must keep MOVING” – Walt Disney

Life can be so complex, and growth can sometimes be challenging. Human as we are, we often settled to something that brings a lot of comfort to us. And as a working associate, more and more tasks can be a pain but can also lead you to some reawakening.

Training and Quality in Davao foster young driven individuals. I remember Dinah told me,that people there just need the right blend of direction and a little tap for motivation. I guess this is really true, I got the chance to meet some when they were here in Bacolod, and I must say that they are indeed passionate about their work.

The delegation of assignments for the past months was the only challenge, leading to some trainers deadlocked. But when Sir Peter and Dinah took charged, everything starts to run smoothly. Everyone was given again tasks on their buckets. Trainers and QA are on the move again especially new accounts are coming in for Davao sites.

It’s time for the whole team to show that this department is more than capable of handling tasks AGAIN. We already have proven ourselves many times, and again we can still prove to the whole company that we are always on top of our game. Because at the end of the day,we get to keep our passion, still doing the thing that we love and of course…our job.