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Executive Assistant

How can you get more done?

As a business owner, your days are long, filled with meetings, calls and unexpected things popping up all the time. When your business starts really scaling and growing, it seems you never have the time to focus on what really matters. You start to feel overwhelmed, your personal life starts to suffer, and there seems no end in sight.

We have been there. Over the years, we started hearing the same issue from our clients. And while we provide a lot of amazing staff, we found there was one piece missing—an Executive Assistant. Our clients expressed this role was impossible to fill, train, and manage. They worried they would end up with someone who is more of a drain on their time than a help leading to them not taking action.

So, we developed the solution.

The right Executive Assistant changes everything

A skilled Executive Assistant can literally change your life, but finding the right person, training them, and managing them is a lot of work. With FGC+, we do all the work for you from sourcing, hiring, training, AND on-going oversight.

We make the process simple but thorough. Our Executive Assistants have industry experience, solid interpersonal skills, and proven history and track record of success.

Finding Your  Perfect EA

Training & On-Going Support & Oversight


Our automated questionnaire makes it simple to choose the services you expect from an Executive Assistant.

We present you with qualified, pre-screened candidates so you can choose the person that is right for you.

You have an onboarding team member with you every step of the way.

Not sure what you need? We can help!


Our support doesn’t stop there.

Once we understand the skillset and expectations, we go to work ensuring everything is in place for your new Executive Assistant.

Your EA will receive extensive training, documented processes, and clear, measurable KPIs—all managed by FGC+.

Your EA will have an Operations Manager assigned that works with you both to ensure results.

We stay with you to ensure success. Think of it as a co-managed service.


With your new Executive Assistant on-board, you will start seeing how your life can change—for the better.

Expect more time to focus on your business, more time for strategic thinking, and more success!

And perhaps even a personal life again? We think so!

Industry estimates state that you can expect a 30% increase in productivity with a highly-skilled Executive Assistant.

Executive Assistant Service Offerings

Here are examples of what an Executive Assistant can do for you.

We tailor the candidates and the KPIs to your specific needs. That is why you will have an Operations Manager working with you and your EA to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Scheduling Planning & Management Expense Tracking & Management Overall Communication
Travel & Event Logistics Bookkeeping Data Analysis & Market Research
Meeting Management & Follow Up Inventory Management Report & Presentation Preparation
Email & Call Filtering Project Management Process Set Up & Management
Oversight of Virtual Staff Office Management Ad Hoc Projects

Part-time and full-time. You can choose the hours you need each month.

“Finding the right Executive Assistant takes a lot of work and can be very frustrating. We discovered the formula for success and how finding the right EA can change a business owner’s day-to-day life, happiness, and productivity. Now, we want to help business owners and CEOs realize the benefits of having the right EA. ”

Moshe Greenfeld