Outsourcing Cost Saving Calculator

Our outsourcing cost saving calculator provides an approximate savings of hiring FGC+ outsource staff versus hiring internal staff within the United States (US). Our calculator is an average of multiple costs and provides an estimate of savings only – it is not an official quote.  Please contact us directly for a formal cost savings analysis.

FGC+ pricing is based on an average salary for a defined functional role, required government costs, operational costs, and staff management fees.

The US salary estimates are based on national salary averages for a defined functional role and include pay rate, benefits, taxes, and operational costs.

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Role No. of Employees Job level Your Savings In-house Rate FGC+ Rate
Estimated monthly cost USD 0

This calculator provides the approximate monthly savings of hiring employees with FGC+. It provides an estimated pricing only and is not an official quote. Please contact us for more information.

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