Remote Staff – Why It’s Important To Keep Them Motivated

The number of work-at-home staff has doubled in the past few years because of the positive aspects it poses for both employees and employers. However, along with this new trend is a challenge for managers–how do you keep your remote employees motivated and highly productive? The distance between a business owner and a member of […]

What Your Virtual Assistants Aren’t Telling You!

We often see and hear about the positive effects of remote staffing or outsourcing but it always wise to remember that nothing’s perfect. With all its benefits, hiring a virtual assistant might also have a few downfalls. First off and perhaps the most common— miscommunication. Most countries who outsource don’t consider English as their mother tongue; […]

10 Things That Will Make You Want To Try Remote Staffing

If you are an entrepreneur thinking that a physical assistant is all that you’ll need, maybe you have to rethink your staff approach. In these modern times, hiring a physical assistant is not necessarily the best option. Have you ever thought of leaning towards the more modern route; like hiring a virtual assistant? Yes, the […]

Managing Remote Staff Made Easy

Recently, more and more companies are moving into remote staffing due to several economical factors – use of technology in the workplace, cost-cutting to reduce the need for office space, personnel’s’ demands for flexibility in work schedules and various other reasons. While many are still doubtful of this rather dispersed work force, several Human Resource […]