Setting Your E-Commerce Brand Apart

One of the biggest challenges that e-commerce companies face is intense competition. There are about 24 million e-commerce sites globally according to one 2019 report – but this massive number may already be significantly off by now, because of the new shops added daily and other micro-platform retailers that may be unaccounted for. With the […]

5 Common Outsourcing Myths, Debunked

  Outsourcing has long been a go-to business practice by many successful companies. Big names like Alibaba, Skype, and Google all credit this strategy as one of the reasons behind their accelerated growth and continued advancement. But even with its long list of demonstrated benefits and success stories, many are still undecided about it. The uneasiness is […]

The Key Elements to Consider When Managing Remote Teams

Key elements

Remote work has taken over today’s modern companies – thanks, mostly, to the advancement of the Internet and the influx of jobs that no longer require the traditional, 9-to-5 grind. This kind of flexibility has given many businesses definite advantages: they attract better talent from the global pool (remote working is considered a motivating perk […]

5 Goal-Setting Tips for the New Year


New year, new goals – it’s almost become a cliché. Each year, many will make a laundry list of resolutions but more than 80% of those won’t make it to February. This dismal statistic has put goal-setting in a bad light, even when it’s actually a powerful skill to have. There’s a very real science […]

How to be More Productive


Today’s ultra-competitive business landscape has reinforced the fact that every minute matters. But more than ever, interruptions and distractions leading to decreased productivity has become even more abundant. In the US alone, costs for productivity loss are estimated to reach a staggering 605 billion USD per year.  Once derailed from a certain task, it takes […]

5 Tasks You’re Better Off Outsourcing

5 tasks you're better off outsourcing

Do you sometimes feel like the 24 hours in your day isn’t enough? As an entrepreneur, I understand how it feels to have a seemingly never-ending list of things to do. Wearing many hats is a given for any business owner, but spreading yourself too thin can take a toll on your physical and mental […]

Stress in the Workplace

Stress- n the workplace

Stress, in the biological context, is defined as “a physical, mental, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension.” All of us are no stranger to it – stress affects everyone in some way or the other. Psychologists believe that not all stress is harmful, as it is directly correlated to our body’s fight […]

The Importance of Customer Service in the E-Commerce Industry

Customer Service ecommerce

E-commerce, seen as the fastest growing market in history, is predicted to reach 4.8 trillion US dollars in worldwide sales by 2021, with a 15% growth each year. The eighteen-zero value is no surprise (and can even be surpassed) as buyers on online shopping spaces are growing at a steady rate, from 1.66 billion in […]

5 Skills Employers Look for When Hiring in 2020

5 skills employer are looking for

Today’s business landscape has changed dramatically over the past years and, subsequently, so has the job market. To put things in perspective, in the 1960s the most common jobs involved salons, factories, nursing, and teaching. There was no need for app developers, social media specialists, driverless car engineers, and Zumba instructors – which are jobs […]

How Start-ups Can Benefit from Outsourcing

How Start-ups Can Benefit from Outsourcing

  Every year, five million new business are started – but only a few make it. Start-up failure rate is pegged at 90% and while that statistic can be cold and hard to swallow, it is an inescapable truth that budding business owners (as well as thriving ones) must know and contemplate on. One of […]