Three Time Management Techniques to Help You Get the Most Done

Do you often find yourself wishing you had more time? Or wondering how you were so busy throughout the day, yet you’re still left with a long list of things to do?  You’re not alone. One of the most common problems business owners struggle with is time management. Especially for small businesses or those in […]

Balancing Work and Life in a Work from Home Setup

One of the biggest areas of concern around the COVID-19 pandemic, aside from the grim possibility of death are loss of income and suboptimal mental health.  More and more people have reportedly showed signs of clinical depression.  Healthcare insurance providers have come up with care hotlines specific to counselling and psychological well-being.  I remember 2, […]

Understanding the Uniqueness of Our Clients and their Business

HOW DO WE DEFINE AND APPROACH DIFFERENT BUSINESS SEGMENTS? “I don’t need a lengthy business review or account plan, I know what I’m doing,” or “We have no time for business reviews” or “It seems that only huge companies need this, I don’t.” Sound familiar? How to define and approach different business segments and account […]

Managing Difficult Meetings amid the Pandemic

This is the new normal.  With the pandemic taking its toll on human beings, typical ways of dealing with one another have changed.  Social distancing, protecting oneself from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease that has encouraged the wearing of face masks, and avoiding handshakes even when meeting people for the first time, have been the new […]

Building Work Culture (Even While Working Remotely)

Today’s work landscape shows that, more than ever, a strong company culture is essential. Businesses with strong cultures enjoy a 4x increase in revenue growth and many jobseekers consider “the right culture” a top priority when looking for a company to work for. Company culture is often thought to be fostered by employees coming together […]

Overcoming Remote Work Challenges

COVID-19 is changing our offices and the way we work. Now, more than ever, companies are seeing the value of setting up remote teams and allowing remote work arrangements. Remote work, even before “the times of corona,” was already on the rise. The number of employees who work remotely at least once per week has […]

5+ Interesting Healthcare Outsourcing Statistics

While many businesses have suffered declines in revenue because of the ongoing pandemic, one industry that is actually seen to have increased interest is the healthcare industry. All over the world, as hospitals try to keep up with the influx of coronavirus-positive patients, long-overdue appreciation is given to healthcare workers and many flawed medical systems […]

An SME’s Guide to Surviving COVID-19

As the world tries to grapple with COVID-19, many different changes across the globe are taking place. Government leaders are setting up various security and precautionary measures for their communities as they deem fit. Travel restricted; quarantines imposed. Social gatherings discouraged; physical distancing emphasized. The world as we know it is being turned upside down. […]

Outsourcing Fails: Common Mistakes to AVOID

bill gates

Even if numerous companies are already reaping the benefits of outsourcing, there are still many who aren’t convinced. No one can blame them. There’s a long list of discouraging myths and misconceptions – and then, there are also several, very real outsourcing fails. Case in point: 2010’s IBM vs the State of Indiana debacle. Both […]

The 5 Common Types of Virtual Assistants

Delegation is key in being able to create and sustain a successful business model. If you’re one of those business owners who think they can be a one-man show all throughout – you’ll end up being stretched too thin, overwhelmed, and, eventually, burnt out. One way to effectively delegate is by hiring virtual assistants that […]