New talent brings energy and a fresh perspective to any new company. Aside from just being there to fill a role or to bridge a gap in competency, hiring another capable human that can contribute to your company’s goals is always a good thing. 

Getting the right people on board is just half the battle, however. Talent that fits your specific requirements and qualifications can be hard to find these days, especially if the talent market around you is limited.

Don’t worry, though! In order to have the best people for your team, you’ll have to hit the right notes when it comes to your recruitment process. That way, you can attract the best candidates for the job. With a solid and able team at your fingertips, you’re able to take on new opportunities in the form of projects, clientele, or other exciting business ventures. Meanwhile, companies that lack manpower are unable to take on these same opportunities. 

In the past, have you experienced hiring without a solid plan? Are you suffering from a shortage of talent? Perhaps you feel that you’re interviewing too many candidates while only hiring very few, or you may have even lost some worthy candidates during the hiring process. 

Here’s a few helpful points that can help you attract the best talent anywhere, and retain them as well.

Post clear and accurate job descriptions in job listings

  • Job descriptions with too many points thrown at the jobseeker can overwhelm them and make them lose interest in the job. Their view of the position and the workload can be affected, so change those lengthy job descriptions! It’s best to narrow down key duties and tasks and list them down based on significance. 
  • The best candidates don’t go in blind. On the job listing, tell them something about your company, its goals, and your vision. Put in a word or two about your company culture as well, since that’s one way for talent to gauge whether they can fit in. 88% of jobseekers know that culture is vital for success in the workplace! 
  • Of course, you should mention your benefits as well. Give a general rundown, which can be discussed at length during the interview stages. Dental and medical coverage are also key things people look out for, so don’t forget to mention that. 
  • Hiring through an outsourcing company will make this process much easier for you. Make sure to work with one that can learn about your business and your processes, in order for them to come up with an accurate job description that can target the right talent. 

Hire with intent! 

  • Don’t hire in one go. Being able to find top talent doesn’t happen overnight after sending out a job listing. It can take days, even weeks, for someone fitting to stumble upon the job description. Beyond that, however, then it may be time to re-think or re-strategize your job listing. 
  • Have intention when hiring. In 2021, the annual turnover rate was 57%, and around 31% of workers leave their jobs in the first six months. To avoid this, make sure you have a good reason to hire the person in the first place, and ensure they can fill a clear role within the team. Don’t just hire for the sole purpose of increasing your headcount. 
  • With the amount of competition around hiring the best talent these days, outsourcing through a dedicated recruitment team can give you a leg up in the talent market. They have vast experience in finding the best talents for you; they can better evaluate whether a candidate’s skills match what you’re looking for, and if they fit your culture.  and if they’re a culture fit. 

Provide opportunities for growth (especially for new companies)

  • Nowadays, potential candidates are driven by opportunities to grow — as well as their future job security. When they’re looking at new or growing companies, they might not imagine that stability right away, especially since in 2021, only 20% of workers felt secure with their jobs. 
  • In cases like these, make it known to candidates that you intend to invest in your team with continuous training and career development within their stay with your company.  
  • Allow yourself to trust newer hires, and instill the possibility of leadership from day one. You can also offer mentorship opportunities between them and more tenured staff. Promoting from within also helps, and make sure to recognize your employees as much as possible. 

Strong brand vision and social media presence 

  • Communicate your vision! A strong brand vision and vision statement is appealing to jobseekers as it makes clear what your goals are and what your company stands for. A vision that matches a jobseeker’s beliefs will likely draw them in and make working in your company more interesting for them. 
  • In the same vein, a firm social media presence can be helpful if your company is relatively new. While looking at your job listings, potential talent will more often than not check your social media — especially in this day and age. 68% of millennial talent actively research employers’ social media pages to see whether they manage their brand vision or not. They might not be as enthusiastic if they see that your company doesn’t have any recent engagements in social media. 

When it comes to attracting and retaining the best employees to fit your team, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Putting them into practice can give your firm a leg up in the talent market. Otherwise, you may need outside help to handle recruitment. 

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